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Install the reaction sun shell into the reaction sun gear. Install the input carrier shaft bearing thrust assembly. Watch for leaks in the case channel. Install the pump slide inner and outer springs. Install the overrun clutch hub into the retainer and race assembly.

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Do not let the forward clutch piston separate from the forward clutch housing. The notch in the piston must be aligned with the parking brake pawl window, in the case. Inspect the reverse input clutch spring assembly for distortion or damage. Install the internal transmission speed sensor.

Rebuilding The 4L60E Transmission

According to experienced auto repairers this task is relatively easy. Pry the metal from the top of the filter and pull the top away. Index the shaft spline into the reaction carrier. Install the low and reverse clutch support retainer spring into the case. This will inhibit valve operation.

Install the accumulator piston and seal assembly into the bore. Index the overrun clutch hub into the overrun clutch plates. Install the converter clutch valve inner and outer springs. Install the servo cover compressor. Install the J on the input housing.

Gear train is the area that covers the main internal metal elements not covered in another section of this program. Tighten the clutch spring compressor. Install the clutch spring compressor. Finally, once you are done with this, you will have to assemble the unit. Install an end play fixture adapter.

4l60e rebuild manual

Torque convertor hub to pump bushing clearance is another pump area that needs to be checked. Index the slide notch with the pivot pin. Install all of the transmission oil pan screws. Place the transmission oil pan gasket on the case. Install the case extension to case seal and the case extension.

4L60E Overhaul Manual

Do not push the sleeve past the machined surface on the output shaft. Install the sprag assembly retainer rings into the forward clutch sprag assembly. Inspect the internal transmission speed sensor rotor for cracks or damaged Inspect all splines on the output shaft for cracks or damaged splines. Incomplete witness marks may also be caused by cross-channel leaks. Lubricate the seals with assembly lubricant J or an equivalent.

Install the servo into the case. Clean all the valves, springs, bushings, and the control valve body in clean Dry all the parts using compressed air. Install the clutch boost spring assemblies into the input housing. Install the bottom pump vane ring and the rotor guide into the rotor and retain with Transjel J or an equivalent. Install the servo cover retaining ring to secure the tool.

4l60e rebuild manual

Make certain all clutch plates are fully engaged. Use the correct tightening sequence and specifications when installing fasteners in order to avoid damage to parts and systems. Do not over expand the ring during the installation. Install the thrust selective washer on the input housing. Place J which is part of kit J over the seals.

Download 4l60e Assembly Manual.pdf

Check the travel between the selective backing plate and the reverse input clutch retainer ring. Install the low and reverse support retainer ring into the case.

4l60e Repair Manual Pdf

Use Transjel J or an equivalent to retain the seal and the ring on the slide. Check the reaction carrier pinion end play. Inspect the reaction gear support to case bearing for damage.

Install the band anchor pin into the case. Install the J and the J A. Install the servo cover retaining ring. Porosity Burrs Blockage Any other damage Inspect all bolt holes for thread damage.

While lifting the valve body, disconnect the manual valve link from the manual valve. Install the valve body over the J, and connect the manual valve link to Install two bolts to hold the valve body in place. If a new pin is needed, fever pdf refer to Servo Pin Selection in order to determine correct pin length.

Position the hub side down during the installation. Install the stop valve and the oil pump converter clutch valve retaining ring. Inspect the accumulator spring for cracks. Rotate the transmission so that the bell housing is up. If the rotor and slide measurements do not fall into the same thickness range, or are outside of all the ranges, the oil pump must be replaced as an assembly.

Index the steel plate splines in the case as shown. The filter may need diagnosis. Tighten the nut with a wrench. Install a reaction sun bushing.

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