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Click the Change Password button in the Open Company dialog box. If your data ever becomes damaged, you will need to use your backup to restore correct data. For information about specific report settings, see the Reports chapter in the User Guide for each application.

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Company data is located in. Reduce the number of records displayed by the Finder before you make a selection. Print settings When you select the print destination, you also specify whether you want to use the page size and orientation portrait or landscape that have been predefined for each report.

You have now allocated an amount that is larger than the document total. These settings cover such things as the payment bank and bank currency, the range of vendors, and a vendor exclusion list.

You can print a check from Payment Entry or enter the number. Clear all or part of your criteria by clicking the Clear button, then selecting an option Cell, Row, Column, All. Type the amount to distribute to the accounts in the distribution set.

Change the tax included status, tax bases, and tax amounts, if necessary and only if you are entering tax information manually. The Order Entry manual explains the setup, control and use of the system. You can always apply a document that is on hold in Payment Entry, manually, without removing the hold. Multiple records Other data contains more than one type of record for example, diverticulo esofagico pdf Currency Rates has currency rates and table records.

Adding a Macro to a Folder. You return to the New Report screen.

Accpac manual pdf

This is the total of unposted payments applied to document. For example, if you changed the column widths in a data entry form, the original column widths are now displayed. Before Using A description for the batch optional. This flexibility gives you greater control over cash expenditures. The Accounts Receivable manual explains the setup, control and use of the system.

If the tax authority allows tax to be included in prices, you can specify whether individual taxes are included in invoice prices or whether the total is net of tax. List Small icons, with item names to the right. Setting Up to link an optional table to an optional field.

Debits And Credits

Refer to source documents and reports for transaction details. Small Icons Small icons, in rows, with item names to the right. Processing Accounts Payable Batches. Web-based For Web-based clients who click the Print button, note that the printing Preview screen appears first. Record displays the record or records that are available for importing for example, in Currency Rates, data can be imported into both currency rates and currency tables records.

In payment batches, you can also change the bank code until you add a transaction to the batch. Before you can enter adjustments with transactions in the Payment Entry form, you must first select the Allow Adjustments In Payment Batches option on the Options form. Check the information against source documents or data entry control logs. Once you indicate that the printed checks are acceptable, the checks are posted.

Product Documents

For more information on reporting tax on retainage, see Reporting Tax on Retainage, later in this chapter. Your choice appears in the second line.

To select a currency, click the Finder in the From Currency table heading. The document date you want to use for selection.

Using the Finder Move columns around, change the widths of columns, and hide a column you do not want to see. Finder ledger account numbers, customer and vendor numbers, inventory item numbers, currency rates, and currency codes.

Maintaining Currency Rate Types Choose the Currency Rate Types icon in the Currency folder to add, edit, or delete currency rate types for your system. You must also enter a range of dates during which the discount must be paid in order for the invoice to qualify. This default can be changed in the reports print dialog box, if required.

Importing and Exporting Note that the items with a star beside the checkmark are key fields and must be exported. Individual account numbers, along with the amount you want allocated to each account.

Accounts Payable

You can partially or fully pay as many of the vendors outstanding transactions as you want with one payment. To open a form, you double-click its icon or select the icon using the navigation buttons, and then press Enter. Adding the items you use regularly to your own folder allows you to be more efficient.

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Select the currency you wish to delete by entering its code in the Currency Code field, or by selecting the code using the Finder. You also enter the default rate type, rate date, and exchange rate to use for the payments you add to the batch. Reuse last weeks daily tapes. Payments debit the vendors payables control account, credit the Bank account specified for the payment batch, and credit the payment discounts account if a discount is taken.

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Before Using Only one bank per You must create a separate payment batch for each bank account on. Turn on the edit mode in a list or grid. Optional Fields This report lists all optional fields information, including names, descriptions, whether to validate or not, as well as the values included in each optional field. However, you can change the tax entry options for individual documents on the Taxes tab of the Invoice Entry form. Changing Document Header Information You can change most of the header information after you save an invoice.

Note that if you set criteria in the Finder, the records that appear when you use the navigation buttons First, Last, Next, Previous reflect the criteria set in the Finder. See the sections, Accounting for Retainage, and Integrating with Project and Job Costing, later in this chapter for more information.

If there is no rate entered on an earlier date, you must select from a list of all other rates entered for the currency. You also enter exchange information for the tax reporting currency on the Taxes tab. You must also specify the payment number to which you are applying this payment. Optional table codes are the codes that are valid to enter in a field which uses this table. You may not rent, lease, sublicense, loan, sell, distribute, market or commercialize any portion of the Software or its components.