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When unknown, the author field is empty and not shown. Olivia feels the pressure to lose her virginity, after all she is a senior.

This web site is here to publish the most current and best information about Vintage Greenleaf Classics Books, the mysterious stranger pdf based on the research and interest of collectors and fans who share an interest in them. Welcome to the work-in-progress checklist of vintage paperback books published by Greenleaf Classics.

Only book numbers follow that. First is the type of publication used sex to sell books that might otherwise be categorized as mystery or romance. When enjoying this online archive, consider the cost paid to produce the legacy.

Collector Jim Mix tries to make some sense out of Midwood-Tower's strange numbering system. Thank you in advance for your help.

Contribute missing information or alert us to any mistakes that exist. The author name printed on the cover is never a real person. Nate and Dani love sex and have many sexual encounters in their life. Where it is known or can be confidently deduced, the artist attribution is included in the cataloged data for each book. When you see one that gets your interest, click on the button to show the books.

Eventually the Feds won one. Browse related books with just a click. If you lose track, click the image and see the publisher's name in the picture's web address. An essential pleasure of vintage paperback collecting is that moment of discovery, looking at a book and seeing something new. Well what about being claimed by four large burly werewolves?

Read below to get an overview of the archive before going into the gallery of imprints, or just enter and start browsing the imprints looking for one to explore further. To clear up this confusion, there may be an added note in the detailed information about such books that states clearly that Robert Bonfils did not paint the cover art. Enter the Gallery Timeline of Imprints. The physical collection is maintained by Bob Speray, with Bruce Brenner, as photographer and cataloger.

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And so, they pressed the edges of that particular envelope very hard, and often had books questioned in court. What would it be like to be claimed as a werewolf's soul Mate? When known, the writer's name will be listed in the author field. During this time, thousands of titles were published within multiple series or lines. The physical collection of books is still being built.

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New or corrected information will be included as it is found. Hamling did not win every trial. Harry Bremner is the artist who did the attractive hand-lettering of titles on the covers. Click to browse the want list of needed books. The remaining imprints, which have line-drawing art or photo covers, will be added shortly.

This shows you a gallery of thumbnails for all the books in the imprint, in the order they were published. The conviction was for mailing a promotional brochure about a book, not for the book. Covers are arranged alphabetically by publisher. Not only are there visual surprises - researchers can find new insights with ease when digging into the hyper-linked bibliographic data. The winning results in those trials established the case law that we enjoy now.

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Once you get into browsing the books, there are links at every point to view groups of books by author, byline, artist, date, imprint and even tagged words in the title. To ensure optimal functioning, our website uses cookies. The principals at Greenleaf Classics publishing were convicted of obscenity and spent time in jail.

With tales of erotic hauntings and out of world experiences, your mind will be able to escape into a world full of surprises. For example, most covers by Zenith are pretty sleazy. As a group they are informally known as the vintage Greenleaf Classics books.

Click on a gallery cover image to see detailed bibliographic information about the book and a larger image of the cover. This is why some covers not painted by Robert Bonfils may resemble his work. The main entry for the byline comes from the cover when cover and title page differ. When I thought it was done, he came back onto the bed with a dildo, a really big dildo.

Vintage Greenleaf Classics Books

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Kim Long just turned eighteen years old my foster mother walk in my bedroom. This aspect is captured in the cataloged book data. If you have a copy of a missing book, please contact us. This on-line checklist is based on an almost complete collection of Greenleaf Classics vintage paperback books.

It was the leading source of adult sex novels from through - the vintage period that this collection covers. This year's best sellers exist because of the work that was done.