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Selmer clarinets

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  1. This instrument plays very easily, with an even response across the range.
  2. The wood is excellent condition, without cracks or repairs.
  3. The tenon corks have been replaced as necessary.
  4. The supplied case is the original Buffet which shows wear, and has a tear to the interior lining, however it still latches securely and protects the instrument well.
  5. Where is the serial number located at?
  6. What is the value of a Selmer clarinet?

What is the best bass clarinet Selmer or Buffet? The Silver plating shows no wear, it is in excellent condition throughout. This model is Luis Rossi's best selling clarinet worldwide. Silver nickel plated nickel plating. The look and solid feel of this key work is far superior to contemporary Buffet manufacture.

This is an extremely interesting and rare professional model Bb clarinet, in Grenadilla wood. This Buffet Festival Bb clarinet is in excellent condition, with only slight wear to the stamps and silver key plating to distinguish it from new. The wood is without any mark or blemish. All as shown in the photos. We have checked all the repairs for seal thoroughly in our workshop.

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These instruments are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct having come to us from a Belgian professional. If this gap is left unfilled, i. The A, matching serial nos. The case is the original, in good condition, apart from a tape repair to the handle. There are no cracks or damage to the wood.

The key work is Maillechort, German Silver, and is in fine order throughout. The wood overall shows light surface marks and scratches, there is one tight surface crack to the upper joint, which does not go through to the bore. The Silver plate shows no wear, it is in perfect condition. What instrument did Barbara kolb play or did she play an instrument? Interesting item about the construction.

Selmer clarinet serial number dating - Free Chat

The wood is also without mark or blemish, the insrument has had hardly any use. The original case is in pristine condition. The lower joint has serial number F, which dates to the late s.

After years of trying, they have created a clarinet that not only equals the Buffet R, singlereisen heilbronn but surpasses it! This clarinet has been professionally cleaned and play tested. These instruments were a special project for Professor John Playfair. The Grenadilla wood shows no cracks or damage.

After adjusting and balancing your mouthpiece and reed you will find even the softest pianissimos respond with less embouchure effort. The matching serial numbers are L, though they are hard to make out. The instrument plays with a fine, kennenlernen neuer schüler full sound and good intonation.

The Nickel Silver key work shows some slight spot wear, mainly to the ring finger touchpieces, but, for an instrument dating to the s, the plating is in good condition. The German Silver keywork is in good condition for a clarinet dating to with only a slight patina commensurate with age and use. All pieces are original with Selmer stamps.

Though an Albert barrel is supplied, in fact, the instrument tunes much better with the other longer barrel. But in this case this rubber material is like an anti-sanding material. The Maillechort keywork throughout is in fine order with a nice shine. The replacement joint is an exceptionally close match, and the instrument responds very well.

The Silver plated key work is pristine. There are no cracks or repairs, the Grenadilla wood is in pristine condition. The case is of modern rucksack type, which is in very good condition.

The case is an Orly, in fair condition, it still zips and protects the pair well. It would look better if it gets guilded. This A, with matching serial nos. There are no cracks or damage, partnervermittlung golf but there is a metal reinforcing band to the top of the upper joint. Is a Jupiter clarinet a good one?

Dating a selmer clarinet
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The case is the original in fair used condition, with some scuffs to the exterior, but it still latches and protects the clarinet well. How many keys does a Selmer clarinet have? From the look of the German Silver keywork this instrument appears to have been made between the two World Wars.

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The instrument would suit a professional looking for a reasonably priced entry level wooden Bass. There are no cracks or repairs to the Grenadilla wood, single which is excellent throughout. By the N series all their instruments are serialed together.

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Selmer Series Clarinets

These instruments have been used orchestrally for many years. The Grenadilla wood shows surface scuffs and marks. The case is the original, which has been re-lined, and protects the pair well.

The silver plated key work is in fine condition. The supplied m'piece is a Fobes, which has been bored out to dimensions by T W Howarth. All the toneholes are raised to increase the total length of each tonehole.

Selmer 2nd hand clarinet
Selmer Clarinets for sale

For a clarinet for a beginner though I would recommend a Buffet beginner model. If desired the pair can be sold separately. So well controllable across the entire dynamic range with a nice full tone very similar to the Bb. Both instruments feature adjustable thumb rests. The case is a used Rossi in good order.

What is a good plastic bass clarinet? Orsi, of Milan, were one of the most highly repected Italian makers. There are no cracks or damage to the wood, which is in excellent condition.

  • Buffet Saxophones are probably amongst the most under-rated in the world.
  • All corks, tenon and touch, are also good.
  • It is much worn and one leather strap has broken.

Selmer Series Clarinets

How much is a Selmer clarinet M worth. The case is the original Selmer, well used, but it latches securely. Later Metal clarinets had and adjustable barrel with a highly grooved section, earlier models where not adjustable.

Dating Selmer Clarinet

Today, as Marigaux, they survive as one of the World's finest oboe manufacturers. The badge on the case had Selmer in red letters. Indeed the problem confronting the player used to the inherent shortcomings of the standard Boehm, is learning not to adjust embouchure pressure to correct the non existent faults on this instrument!

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