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This book is a good book to use as an introductio I'm only about half-way through the book and have not finished it. It is not inconceivable that some might hold that morals may have more states but for purposes of this philosophy, we should consider them binary. The end gives us a brief synthesis into a satisfactory moral theory of the author, although it falls prey to some of the same faults he was admonishing onto the other theories. However, it would not be rational to make an agreement that you don't expect others to follow.

All moral theories are theories about what is important. It gave examples of the things you are learning, so that was also very helpful. It is important that any student using this as a textbook understand that prior to their study of this book. In order to be a theory of morals, the Social Contract Theory would need to say that getting what you want is good or that acting rationally is good.

It is only that life forces upon them choices that we do not have to make. Also, I've moved the criticisms of Rule-Utilitarianism from p. The username and password you entered did not match any accounts in our file. The difficult part of this is not placing judgments based on our own cultural assumptions of right and wrong.

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Modern corrections and arguments to these flaws are ignored, however. It could work as a supplement in a classroom, but even then there are better introductory books on ethics.

For instance, if it were correct, it states that we are all incapable of being incorrect thus it does not make sense since not everyone can be right. The chapter on Psychological Egoism was an odd duck, since Psychological Egoism is not one of the great moral theories.

For some of the ethical systems, the criticism becomes either to hard to overcome, or needs further clarification to be a workable system. We can determine what those rules are by rational investigation and then determine whether a particular act is morally acceptable by seeing whether it conforms to the rules. Major ethical approaches like Egoism, Utilitarianism, Virtue Ethics, Social Contract and Kantian ethics were clearly explained with arguments both in favor and against these approaches. Open Preview See a Problem? The theory of natural law seems to be more based in reason but there are still problems inherent to it.

Can this book be used to highlight and critique elements of ethical systems? Elements pulls off the almost impossible double-feat of appealing to students while teaching something to instructors. Be the first to ask a question about The Elements of Moral Philosophy. This invokes the question of whether or not there are any moral facts and we find that they only exist when facts are present to support them.

When we examine morality based on religious doctrine, there are an infinite number of obstacles to overcome in reasoning. While I don't personally like or agree with the conclusions present in the final essay it is a fitting conclusion for the prior essays if read in order. After offering powerful objections to Utilitarianism, Jim discusses three ways to defend the theory. Considering using this product for your course? It seems as though it is difficult for many to think about morality in terms of nature and science and for this reason the theory has gone by the wayside.

The Elements of Moral Philosophy by James Rachels

Perhaps, if you have an interest in moral philosophy, and really want to understand it, then this book is for you. This book is a good book to use as an introduction into moral philosophy as it is supplemented with entertaining real life problems and is fairly simple.

See a ProblemThe Elements of Moral Philosophy

We must make decisions and think about moral issues on grounds that are more substantial than feeling, they must also be provable and backed up by solid fact rather than varied opinions. On the Social Contract Theory, morality consists in the rules that rational people will accept on the condition that others accept them as well. Hence, cultural relativists may require us to tolerate other cultures, irrespective of the norms in our own society. The chapter on care ethics spent too much time going over dubious evidence as to whether men and women think differently about ethics and not enough time on actual care ethics.

You can get a free copy of any textbook to review. Secondly, in the section on Classical Utilitarianism he states that Utilitarian's don't base their theory on Hedonism because we value things other than pleasure. And I did learn something. One of the problems is it only touches on each of these theories in their oldest and least refined forms, giving the pros and cons in a balanced way.

Shortly before being diagnosed with cancer, Rachels finished Problems from Philosophy, an introduction to his subject, published posthumously. Rachels finds himself a victim of his own worldview, yet strangely confident in all his assertions. Rachels has a very dishonest way of presenting the information. If you're student who needs to buy this, then more likely than not you could get away with buying a cheaper, older edition. Overall, I think this can be a valuable book for students and lay people alike.

The Elements of Moral Philosophy

This is contradicting because he states early in the book that just because someone has a belief doesn't make it true clearly. For example, during his discussion of Utilitarianism he states that it places unrealistic expectations because one normally isn't required to be so benevolent to give away everything. However, once that is understood, and the biases of the author in several contemporary issues, the book is an easy read.

By accepted, I mean a moral that one choses thus accepts to honor in their life. The biggest flaw with the book is that it ignores current moral thinking by philosophers, ebook file type pdf such as ethical intuitionism.

It takes into account human nature and is not based on what could possibly a random or arbitrary set of commandments. This review may sound unfairly negative of James, however I'm really not that disappointed in the book. Only after a long time had I come to realize that the book had barely teached me anything - of what I wanted to learn. This book covers a lot of history yet can still be easily read in a single sitting without too much mental strain.

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Should we treat men and women differently? Here is a summary of the changes.

It would seem to me that a textbook of this nature would make a distinction between a moral and morality giving definitions for both. This is something I can't accept. Get In Touch Twitter Facebook. It claims to be introductory and that is exactly what it is. Nevertheless, the ideas of Ethics of Care feminism and Ethics of Virtue proposed are almost convincing.

Instead, it is just thrown out there. Ethical subjectivism has undergone a number of changes.