Health Care Delivery In Nigeria Pdf

Health care in Nigeria Challenges and recommendations

Nigeria has one of the most complicated healthcare systems in the continent. States should be mandated to provide health insurance coverage to all residents. The healthcare system in Nigeria is still facing quite a number of challenges that are dragging it behind. The healthcare system also got a major boost after a new bone marrow donor program was opened in Nigeria. Nigeria - The World Factbook.

Health Health - General Human rights Poverty. Social assistance Social insurance. Health and social protection. To learn more, click here. Julius is a writer and an author who wish to share some valuable information with visitors and others with interest in Nigeria.

The government should seek ways of ensuring that every citizen is covered in the insurance plan. Submitted by Bolaji Aregbeshola.

Public health in Nigeria is run by three tiers of the government. The fact that it is cheap only works to mean that even the poor can access public healthcare. Through various acts of parliament, the Nigerian healthcare system has been developed to accommodate the wide growing concerns in public healthcare. This is a milestone that the system has achieved.

This means the most vulnerable populations in Nigeria are not provided with social and financial risk protection. It is also worth mentioning that the insurance scheme is quite affordable and thus citizens can be easily covered. Social and financial risk protection can be provided through programmes and measures that are rooted in legislation. The state government is responsible for running general hospitals while the local government is responsible for dispensaries. World Bank and Social Protection Overview.

Nigeria is yet to adopt innovative ways to protect the poor and vulnerable populations against financial risk of ill health. It is important to guarantee by law the right to health care of all citizens in Nigeria.

Health care delivery in nigeria pdf

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Health care delivery in nigeria pdfHealth care delivery in nigeria pdf

Some of the drawbacks to this healthcare system will be highlighted here below. Law Nigeria is yet to adopt innovative ways to protect the poor and vulnerable populations against financial risk of ill health. This is just an overview of the management of Nigeria healthcare. Therefore, there is a need to provide social health protection schemes targeted at these groups in Nigeria.

Health care delivery in nigeria pdf

The healthcare system in the country relies majorly on the success of this insurance scheme. By continuing to browse, you agree to their use. The maternal mortality ratio for Nigeria remain quite high at per live births according to World Health Statistics. There are numerous definitions of social protection.

Nigeria Healthcare System The Good and the Bad

Health care delivery in nigeria pdf