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With engine running at idle, loosen valve rocker arm nut until valve rocker arm starts to clatter. Pull tether through the bilge drain. In areas where the possibility of freezing does not exist, it is permissible to use a solution of rust inhibitor and water mixed to manufacturers recommendations. Clogged flame arrestor, flooding carburetor, sticky choke or weak ignition components all are probable causes.

Please let me know which manual to select. All information, illustrations and specifications contained in this manual are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. Nice to be able to obtain a manual instantly! This may be determined by placing fingers on No.

Instrumentation Malfunction. These are just two of the hazards that may be caused by alcohol.

Page Obdm Guardian restores engine power to normal. Install cable end guide on throttle lever, then push cable barrel lightly toward throttle lever end. Slide thrust hub onto propeller shaft, with stepped side toward propeller hub. Permanent fuel tanks should be drained completely and Quicksilver Gasoline Stabilizer and Conditioner added to any fuel remaining in the tank. Consult your authorized Mercury MerCruiser dealer for further explanation.

Start the engine, run the engine for three minutes, and check for leaks. Can verify it is a vent problem by running engine with filler cap loose. It is normal for an engine to use a certain amount of oil in the process of lubrication and cooling of the engine.

Refer to preceding items It is not uncommon to see different oil pressure readings between the two engines, as long as both engines fall within specifications. Add the specified fluid if required.


Before attempting repairs or tune-up, it is suggested that the procedure first be read through to gain knowledge of the methods and tools used and the cautions and warnings required for safety. Page Stopping The Engine Components on your engine will be damaged if submerged. When normal combustion temperatures are restored, upon installation of new plugs, deposits loosen from top of piston and head and are thrown against hot insulator.

MerCruiser Repair Manuals. Battery - Check level and inspect for damage. Damaged gear housing or accessories improperly installed on boat bottom or transom speedometer pick up, depth sounder transducer, etc.

Mercruiser 3.0L manual

Fuel permeation through flexible fuel lines. Sometimes noises can be caused by moving parts coming in contact with other components. Normally, readjustments are not necessary and servicing requires only that care and cleanliness be exercised in the handling of parts. Persons on the front deck could easily be thrown overboard or persons dangling their feet over the front edge could get their legs caught by a wave and pulled into the water. Changing diameter, pitch or coupling of a propeller will affect engine rpm and boat performance.

In consideration of these factors, MerCruiser has adjusted some maintenance intervals and corresponding tasks to be performed. See your participating Mercury MerCruiser dealer for complete program details. To ensure compliance with emission regulations, scripts.pdf use only Mercury MerCruiser replacement parts.

Drain seawater section of cooling system as outlined in Draining Instructions. An object or an irregularity on boat or gear housing in area close to to water pickups could create turbulence in water flow going to water pickups. Carefully inspect engine for fuel, oil, fluid, water and exhaust leaks. Follow instructions on container. If there are no bubbles present, install clear plastic hose between thermostat housing and manifold s.

Shift and Throttle Cable and Linkage Lubricate and inspect for loose, damaged or missing parts. Connect instrument harness to engine harness with clamp. Quarts Liters All capacities are approximate fluid measures.

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See your authorized Mercury dealer or emissions testing agency. Close the fuel shut-off valve, if equipped. Place engine on repair stand for major repairs.

Mercury MerCruiser Manuals

Clean sealing surfaces on cylinder head and rocker arm cover with degreaser. The bottom is referred to as having a hook if it is concave in the fore-and-aft direction. Ensure that throttle shutters valves are completely open and throttle shaft lever contacts carburetor body casting.

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Before installing or removing a propeller, place the drive unit in neutral and engage the lanyard stop switch to prevent the engine from starting. If the water is located in both the cylinder s and the crankcase, it is usually caused by water in the cylinders getting past the rings and valves or complete submersion. Do Not use full water pressure. System should be tested to ensure adequate output.

Mercury MerCruiser Manuals

Radio Noise Cause A popping noise that will increase with engine rpm. If the dividing line between water and fuel becomes cloudy, use the middle of the cloudy band. Install and adjust drive unit and remote control shift cables, using hardware retained. Low voltage would indicate an open or a high resistance circuit from the distributor to the coil or ignition switch.

DOWNLOAD MerCruiser Repair Manual 1963-2008 Models

If you are not sure, there is no need for concern. The coolant level in the thermostat housing should be at the bottom of the filler neck. Do not rely on propeller rotation in determining engine rotation. Disconnect seawater inlet hose from gimbal housing. Noise will stop as soon as engine is turned off.

Make certain connections are secure. Thoroughly flush cooling system prior to storage.

Connecting rod installed wrong Cylinder area, may be confined to one cylinder or found in more than one cylinder, timed to engine speed D. After a short time of running, engine will stall and will not restart for a period of time. First, determine which engine system is causing the problem. Cooling System Hoses and Clamps Inspect for damage and deterioration. Detach the hoses from the top fittings.

Permanent or power hook in boat bottom E. Throttle valves not closing E.