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Page Special Imaging Modes Operation Position Adjustment When the M-mark line is activated, move the trackball left and right to adjust the position. Clean the transducer before disinfecting it. Pull the transducer connector straight out, as shown in the figure below.

For a video printer, send images to the video printer connected with the system. Fail to do so may result in the probe and the needle-guided bracket to becoming sources of infection. Avoid contact with solutions or coupling gels containing mineral oil or lanolin.

Please understand their meaning before reading this manual. Aftermarket transducers may result in damage or cause a fire.

Mindray is not responsible for any data loss. Only use the transducers provided by Mindray.

Refer to the instructions provided by the chemical manufacturer concerning concentration of the disinfectant solution, method of disinfection and dilution and cautions during use. Adjustments through image menus or soft menus The image menus are located on the upper left corner of the screen. Do not open the covers and front panel of the system.

Check the orientation before the examination Here takes linear probe as an example. Select items to be activated in the list. Page System Maintenance Cleaning the control panel, cover and bracket a Use dry soft cloth to clean the surface of the system. When discarding the device, comply with the rules and regulations that apply in your country. Using net update, you can update the system by downloading upgrade software from the manufacturer sever.

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Page Overview Overview Intended Use The diagnostic ultrasound system is applicable for adults, pregnant women, pediatric patients and neonates. Click Adjust position Changing the position value can move the biopsy guide line horizontally. Depth The distance between transducer surface and the probing point along ultrasound beam. Page Reverb And Chorus Press one of these buttons again to shift the pitch up or down. After image storage commitment is sent, the system will close the connection with the server.

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The transducer frequency is also displayed in the image parameter area in the upper left corner of the screen. Failure to do so may cause the probe and the needle-guided bracket become source of infection. Separate the residual part of the needle-guide bracket and the transducer from the needle. Do not place vinyl items on the device, as this can cause discolouration or residues on the unit.

Discharge of the system for complete shutdown. Select the server from the drop-down list to be default. Check the transducer sheath for wrinkles and gaps.

Some of the probes have matched needle-guided bracket and needles. Turn the valve of the syringe to the position shown in the right figure, and then push the plunger of the syringe to discharge the air. You can check the manager to see if there is any failure task. Repeat the above process to adjust multiple nodes. Select the proper exam mode.

To exit the replay screen, click in the lower part of the replay window. Review Review Press to review the image files stored.

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Depth To change depth, press keys in the lower right corner of the control panel. To add an exam for the current transducer, Select the exam from the Exam Library on the left and click to add it to the Exam Selected. Page Body Marks pictograms Body Marks Pictograms The Body Mark Pictogram feature is used for indicating the exam position of the patient and transducer position and orientation.

Mindray DP-50 Ultrasound

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The focus position symbol is displayed on the right side of the image. Place the printer in the proper position. Additional tests may be required according to local regulations.

When no menu is available, this area displays the image parameters of the current mode. For details, please refer to Setup chapter. Enter the patient information. You can set up video input port, video output size and mode, as well as color temperature, brightness and contrast for display.

Mindray is not responsible for the loss of the setup data. At this time, the default function is disabled. Close the monitor, lightroom tutorial pdf free turn the system upside down and put it on the table.

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Lubricant may not be compatible with the transducer material and damage may result. Page Appendix D Electrical Safety Inspection The following electrical safety tests are recommended as part of a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. The enclosure and accessories No residue of fluid spillage e.

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When the batteries are out of power, please charge them immediately. Sometimes, you have to stop an uncompleted exam due to some special causes. Fill syringe with sterile water and connect extension tube to syringe, discharge all air in the tube. Measurement tool Function Time The time interval between any two points. Double-click a thumbnail to view and analyze an image.

Store and transport the probe under the specified ambient conditions. Wear sterile gloves to prevent infection.