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Beyond my comprehension that the plumbing code is not available free, online. Canada has one of the most inefficient work forces in the world.

In the early years of regulating building construction, this caused a patchwork of building codes across Canada. Their operation, publications and information should be produced and distributed as inexpensively as possible and be free to all Canadian tax payers. These could all be free and then many problems would simply diappear.

It is important that Canadians have access to important regulations pertaining to safety. We all know it is a thorough and complex document, one that is expensive to produce, edit, maintain current, etc. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This should not be allowed.

Everything else is, such as various federal regulations, Acts, etc. Or, wait until the local public library has an online copy.

Then the government expects you to believe that this is all done to increase safety, but it starts to look more like a big tax grab. That part I do not have a problem with. This reckless abandonment of the christian values we have held dear and treasured will certainly result in our ultimate demise.

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National building code of canada volume 2 pdf Full Free Download by TD

The benefit of it will return directly to the country and to the public by having more code oriented construction, less hidden deficiencies, less damages in future and less incidents. There is incredible value in having the resources you need at hand when estimating, quoting, and performing scope of work on a project. Then make it free to access with the number given with your already purchased codebook.

All laws and regulations should be available for free to all citizens. If not free you should be able to pay a bit to get to read different sections or pay so much per day to use it. In a few cases, municipalities have been given the historic right of writing their own building code. Nobody should have to pay for their safety. The Code applies mainly to new construction, but also aspects of demolition, relocation, renovation and change of building use.

Seriously, leave it to government beauracracy to make regulations and then make you pay to see what they are. Municipalities have the option of adopting the code of their choice, with or without modifications. It would be nice to see them to allow apprentices access to these via their apprenticeship number at a discounted rate. Does the government work for the people or the other way around? The same goes for the Canadian Association of Standards.

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National building code of canada volume 2 pdf Full Free Download by TD

As a carpenter, it is our job to know the code. If ignorance of the law is no excuse, then there is no excuse for withholding the information needed to manufacture a compliant system! Codes need to be available online for free. Especially ones pertaining to building safely. When will this gouging of honest, hard working Canadians ever end.

National Building Code should be available online free of charge

It is also costly, unnecessary and wasteful to re-print information that remains unchanged. Some of which, could care less about this country and those who support the good for which it used to stand for. It could be possibly put to their disposition online temporarily. It is intended to be used by engineers and architects.

Its founding head was Robert Legget. When does this gouging ever end.

It would be difficult to fill out a request for revision form for the new edition of the National Building Code clearly without having access to the code. The new organization was also given the mandate to lead the development of the National Building Code of Canada.

John when I lived their had no electrical inspector for the ten years I lived there. People in the construction industry need access to codes so they can do their jobs properly. All codes should be available online for free. How is a consumer, let alone a contractor, supposed to afford this?

The national building code and any other government issued rules and regulations should without a bout be free online. In fact, sbloccare un file pdf protetto da password many municipalities do not have any building code officially in effect. Harmonized and freely available building codes will also ensure that all municipalities can readily access and use the latest codes as they become available. We as tax payers have already purchased every single code and law book ever made.

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