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The story he uncovers is fascinating. Saving Democracy from Itself. Handley, a freelance journalist who lived and worked as a foreign correspondent in Thailand.

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Handley casts the king as an enemy of democracy who, to solidify his once-shaky authority, allied himself with scheming generals and crooked politicians. The King Never Smiles book cover. Handley takes full note of Bhumibol's achievements in art, in sports and jazz, and he credits the king's lifelong dedication to rural development and the livelihoods of his poorest subjects. The King Never Smiles is a daring, landmark work, clearly based on extensive research, which deserves much praise. The world might not have come to the hometowns of the many visitors fascinated by Thailand, basics of electrical engineering question and answers pdf but it certainly came to the Land of Smiles.

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Tourists choose one destination over another for a number of reasons, most of which Thailand scores highly on. But on the core issue of tourist safety, Thailand scores very badly indeed. Baker praised the book, but said that in its later chapters, it ignored the role of the Thai elite and middle class in reimagining Bhumibol as a symbol of democracy.

Handley is a freelance journalist who lived and worked as a foreign correspondent in Asia for more than twenty years, including thirteen in Thailand. Balancing Religious Freedom and International Law. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


When at nineteen Bhumibol assumed the throne after the still-unsolved shooting of his brother, the Thai monarchy had been stripped of power and prestige. Stevenson was liberal with style and careless with facts to the point of embarrassing the palace. When he returned to Thailand in to assume his royal duties, he could hardly speak Thai but his French and German were remarkable.

When at nineteen Bhumibol assumed the throne, the Thai monarchy had been stripped of power and prestige. Despite his massive social and economic achievements many problems continue to plague the Kingdom.

The king is venerated as a guardian of ancient traditions that are believed to have saved the Thai people from imperialists, communists and neocolonialists. The Wall Street Journal Online.

The Crisis of American Entrepreneurship. The book has had a generally positive reception among international critics and scholars. The Rise of an Asian Giant.

When it came out, the book proved a misadventure. Handley focuses more upon the king's allegedly Machiavellian virtues than his spiritual ones. The Struggle for Power in Asia.

Over the ensuing decades, Bhumibol became the paramount political actor in the kingdom, crushing critics while attaining high status among his people. Ten years earlier, Bhumibol had invited William Stevenson, the author of the original Intrepid, to write the book. Thais dislike seeing in print careless references to their king, Bhumibol Adulyadej, the reigning Ninth Rama of the Chakri dynasty.

These are prostitution, human rights issues, pollution, corruption, cronyism in Chinese businesses, border conflicts with Cambodia, and the refugee problem. The book details this process and depicts Thailand's unique constitutional monarch in the full light of the facts. Most Thai people have only known one King. King Bhumibol was deeply respected and well-liked by farang and locals alike.

They will disapprove of Paul Handley's gossipy, unfair account of this apotheosized man, the world's longest-reigning monarch. Chambers, Contemporary Southeast Asia. Bush and the president of Yale University, Richard C. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Bhumibol had inherited an impoverished country with nothing but a symbolic role as a figurehead monarch. Handley has largely turned King Bhumibol's story into a political screed to suit the prejudices of those with a stake in sidelining the monarch. He was surrounded by envious courtiers and royals from other families now sidelined by the rise of the Chakri.

However, Thammasat University's rector later reversed this decision and ordered the university bookstore to sell the book. He survived attempted murder, crafty politicians, corrupt generals, sycophantic courtiers and impoverished masses. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Critical reception in Thailand varied. In-depth conversations with experts on topics that matter.

King Never Smiles

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. It joins a small but growing body of proactive literature relating to kingship and politics in Thailand today and is certainly the most critical of anything previously published. As such it should compel future writers on Thailand to pay heed to the contemporary role of monarchy in Thai culture, society and politics. The book was commercially successful. He became the most powerful modern warlord in the history of the Kingdom.